Top Bitcoin Exchange Options in Canada

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has rocked the world of finances in the last year. From a relatively unknown digital currency, Bitcoin has become extremely popular investment option even for people that have never invested in currencies before. This is especially true for Canada where people can legally buy and sell Bitcoins. Many of them have learned that this relatively volatile currency that has frequent ups and downs is a good choice for short-term gains. Of course, most experts agree that people can earn even more if they use Bitcoin as a long-term investment. In order to witness success in Bitcoin trading, Canadians should look for Bitcoin exchange options available to Canadian users. The good news is that there is more than one reliable option like this.


Although Coinbase is an online Bitcoin exchange that operates in the United States, it is available to Canadians too. This platform is known for the high liquidity. Coinbase allows users to use debit cards and credit cards to buy Bitcoins, but you should check their policies because these payment methods may get changed for Canadian users. Another thing that’s great about Coinbase is that this website has user-friendly design and even complete beginners can use it. The trading fee is fixed – 1%.


You can tell by the name of this online exchange that it’s focused on convenience and speed. They are promoting their website as the fastest website for buying and selling Bitcoin. Bitquick also allows trading with cash. But, this convenience and speed come at a price. The fees can reach up to 2%. Another downside is that this website was once attacked by hackers and it was unavailable for around 30 days. The owners have included better security this time.


Here’s a suggestion with very low fees that can’t pass 0.26%. Kraken also has excellent liquidity and allows margin trading which is good for experienced traders. Don’t forget that this website has withdrawal fees too.


The list ends with a Canadian online Bitcoin exchange known as QuadrigaCX. This exchange accepts fiat currencies and digital currencies. It is known for the excellent security features. Creating an account on QuadrigaCX is very simple and it usually takes just a couple of minutes to get this job done. The trading fees are around 0.5% and there is also a withdrawal fee of around 2% and 20 CAD.